Treating substance abuse has always been an uphill battle for both the individual and for the family. Relapse rates after rehab are astronomical, getting someone to help themselves willingly and without force or an ultimatum require someone who is truly gifted and not exactly available in the phone book, rehab centers cost $1000 a day, AA/NA meetings work if people actually attend, more and more states are allowing high grade marijuana to be sold on ever street, hard drugs continue to flow into the USA cheap and are available literally everywhere. There is absolutely nothing easy about getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober. I am going to help the reader breakdown the options and most important – be realistic on how to go about helping the family put the odds directly in their favor and not let their addicted loved one dominate their lives any longer.

While there are several addiction topics I could focus on I am choosing to stick with Interventions and Sober Coaching as the two are my most successful professions.

An Intervention is a family matter. Most families cannot get a loved one to make the decision to help themselves. They certainly cannot convince them to want to live a sober lifestyle let alone actually drop everything they are doing and enter rehab. This is totally normal expected. It is just the family dynamic. The family usually has never dealt with a horrible situation like this and does not have the knowledge to make a difference. In fact, they usually make things worse. Having a professional Interventionist ($3000-$5000) fly out and meet with your family is usually the best and only option. They will spend time with the family and without the alcoholic/addict present. During the family day they will get to know each family member and their relationship with the alcoholic/addict. They will determine who should have a leading role and who should not be involved at all.

On the day of the actual Intervention the role of the Interventionist is to keep the family comfortable, for the own peace of mine and for the better delivery of their message. Not all family members are involved in the actual Intervention. It is the role of the professional to determine who can help and who is going to cause problems. The purpose of the Intervention is not to push the alcoholic/addict out the door. The job is to get the individual to accept recovery in their heart and mind. The job is to get the Individual to listen, remain calm, and completely understand how much love they have in their life. A great Interventionist would be more likely to speak with the alcoholic/addict directly the duration of the Intervention. This method has been introduced in recent years. With the Interventionist being armed with all details and facts on the family from the day before they can discuss the past problems and hopes for a better future with ease. This greatly limits major discomfort. This also increases the chances of the individual make the right decision based on a professional opinion and not out of anger, impulse, or excessive emotion.

Sober coaching is remarkably like life coaching. It typically is not permanent. Typically, an alcoholic/addict will work with a sober coach 1-2 times a week for a few months. Sober Coaching is quite different from AA/NA sponsorship. The average sober coach has the skill set that a sponsor has but they are available around the clock. Sponsors typically lay down the rules, the times they will meet, the topic and what has worked for them in the past. A sober coach works for you. The standard rate is $150-$200 an hour and most work remotely. A sober coach will get to know you before they officially work with you. They want to make sure they are a good fit for you. They will spend time laying down an incredibly detailed suggested course of action for you that you likely need to either get sober or stay sober. Sober Coaching is not an alternative to rehab unless there is not any other option. The benefit of rehab is the fellowship that is generated by being surrounded by dozens of others who are in the same role. Sober Coaching is an absolute excellent option for those who have just left rehab, those who cannot afford to go and those who are in recovery and are looking to take their sobriety to the next level.

Brian Good