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Brian came and met with me for some background information. This intervention was just me trying to get my son back into an alcohol rehab program. Not a lot of family around. Brian was very patient as the events unfolded, always with an encouraging plan as stumbling blocks emerged. Success, my son got in a plane that afternoon and Brian got on the highway and drove home. That is not the end…Brian suggested a sober living facility when the rehab program is complete, another step to a sober lifestyle. Thanks Brian.

-Donna G.

Brian provided remarkable support for our family before, during and after the intervention. He ran a loving, compassionate and calm double intervention for our son and daughter-in-law. We could not have done it without him. As a result, our son is in a 28-day rehab program and on his way to a life of sobriety. We are so grateful to have found Brian Good.

-DeDe H.

Brian Good was incredibly helpful when I was struggling with how to go about helping a family member hooked on addiction. He was always available to talk with me and my family through the whole process . I was very impressed with Brian’s ability to connect and show so much compassion for my family during the intervention and how he knew just what to do when the rest of us were out of ideas. I would highly recommend using him if you have a loved one struggling with addiction.. he is highly professional and truly cares.

-Aurora W.

Having a loved one who is lost in the throes of drug addiction is incredibly difficult. Understanding that person and trying to help them is even harder. My family and I struggled to help my brother back in 2011 and succeeded for long time, until this past year when his addiction resurfaced. We found Substance Intervention LLC online and reached out immediately because of location, the reviews and a gut feeling. Our interventionist, Brian Good, helped us in ways that I never even expected. He started by reaching out to me via text from a plane, as he was returning back home from an intervention and could not talk, but text with me for almost an hour while flying. He understood the family dynamic immediately, asked us to trust him, and developed a plan for an intervention that differed from what we had done in 2011, and it worked. Brian spent countless hours coaching us, talking to my brother, and understood him in ways that we simply did not. His mission was to help my brother get into rehab, not to just simply try to help him, regardless of the outcome. He was the only person that my brother actually allowed into his home, after months of many loved ones trying. Our intervention was a difficult one, but Brian never gave up, never lost his patience, and encouraged us to do the same. He also helped us find the right center for my brother. Once Brian got my brother into rehab, he continued to keep in touch, making sure that he stayed put and that we were all ok. I will always be grateful for all of Brian’s help. I know for sure that we would not have been able to help my brother without him and I encourage anyone who is in a similar situation as ours to please do the same and reach out to him. I know from experience that if possible, it is always best to get assistance from a professional in circumstances like these. Love, fear, threats and all the other things we have all tried usually do not work to help our loved ones, but interventionists like Brian Good do.

-Rosita L.

Brian Good led my son into treatment and I would strongly recommend him to any family seeking help for a loved one. Brian was direct but passionate, he exhibited the knowledge and empathy to get the job done. Brian clearly communicated the process before, during & after. I can honestly say that Brian succeeded wherw no one else was able to. Lastly, giving Brian a top review does not begin to express my and my family’s gratitude. All the best,

-Greg T.

Brian Good was really a blessing to my family. He was very down to earth and direct about the possibilities of doing an intervention and helped us prep as best as we could considering our time frame. He is so dedicated to his work of helping those seek sobriety and families reach a peace of mind that he experienced a really bad car accident the day he was to meet with our family. His car was completely totaled and he did not delay a moment to work with my family. I absolutely recommend Brian Good if your looking for substance intervention.

-Leanne T.

Brian Good was instrumental in getting my son to go into a rehab facility. He was prepared to go the extra mile and he did. .. and then some. Brian prepared by doing exhaustive research on our son and family dynamics in order to design the most appropriate intervention for our situation. He came up with the perfect approach to what we thought was a hopeless situation- and he succeeded–It would not have happened without his help. His compassion toward our family was much appreciated as we went through the sometimes painful process of an intervention. Brian has a passion for his work that shows through in everything he did for my son and our family. I thank God for sending Brian to us.

-Claire T.

After experiencing several dead ends trying to get help for my daughter and only being told there’s nothing I can do until she hits rock-bottom, I finally contacted Brian and found the help and support I needed to save her from herself. She is 60 days sober tomorrow and I am incredibly grateful. Brian has stayed in contact w/ me and been available to provide information and support throughout. Thank you!

-Lori W.

I was at my wits end about a family member’s drinking. He already shows symptoms of liver involvement. No one, including his doctor, has been able to get through to him. I found Substance Intervention on the internet and talked to Brian. For the first time in years I have hope. He is totally committed to the person and his family and friends. He knows what he is talking about and will discuss the reality of dealing with addiction and the pathway to health. He is non-judgemental and knows what he is talking about having had experience with this thousands of times. I highly recommend this company.

-Marilyn K.

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