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My name is Anthony Capozzoli and I’m a recovering addict and recovering Alcoholic Adult Child of an Alcoholic. I am also a devoted Sober Coach at My alcohol and cocaine addictions began in eighth-grade. I carried my addictions with me my entire life until I landed in the hospital on my death-bed 32-months ago. I’m forty-nine. The doctors told me I wasn’t going to make it and to get things in order for my wife and two sons that I would leave behind. I prayed for one more chance. I begged to be given the opportunity to right my wrongs and be the father and husband my family deserved. After 11-days in the hospital, I made it out alive. I began my life transformation immediately. My sober transition began with a single step the day I got out of the hospital and now 32-months later I’m clean and sober. I have a new life, new routines, and a chance to give back by helping others as a sober coach and through my podcast Dismantled Life. Through my experience in recovery and by sharing stories of love, life, hope, and strength I help others find, stay on, or get back on their paths to sobriety.

Podcast Episodes

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